We have just launched the Construction Media Index 2015 . 478 key decision makers were interviewed and asked about how they source information to inform their product purchasing and design ideas.

Findings from the research show, for example,  the industry has a preference for online publications  rather than hardcopy journals. Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social networks used by Construction decision makers for work. Yet direct contact via phone and email is still of value.

In this YouTube video, Chris Ashworth explains the key findings from this year’s Construction Media Index 2015 research.







Further information

The research from the Construction Media Index 2015 covers a wealth of communication channels:

  • online and hardcopy journal readership,
  • blogs
  • online articles
  • devices
  • social network
  • Apps
  • product directories
  • attendance at technical seminar

To purchase the  Construction Media Index 2015 please visit: http://cadvantage-knowledge.co.uk/



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