For three years, Competitive Advantage have been measuring the communication channels used by Architects, Engineers and Contractors in the Construction Media Index. During that time we have seen the use of social media grow and now become an established part of the information network.

Online communications seems to have come of age! And in my recent guest blog for Constructasaurus I presented some developing trends indicated by our research. Below I have provided a summary, if you wish you can read the full article here.

Summary of statistics about the growth of social media in construction:

  • Twitter – in 2011 38% of companies had a policy saying staff could not use Twitter at work, in 2013 that has fallen to just 8%.
  • Social networks – 60% of construction professionals use them for help with work, mostly to network or keep informed about industry news.
  • Online video – Watched by more than half of architects and main contractors
  • QR codes are used by a third of industry decision makers

Online communications are being used in an integrated manner. There seems to be a blurring between the different forms of communication as online journals, news alerts, blogs and information websites are merging in people’s perceptions.

However, this integrated approach also means that the source of information is not always recognised. People just know they got it off the web. What Does this Mean for a Construction Product Manufacturer? Simply, content is still king; if you want people to know about your products and specify them you need to be providing them with the technical information they need, when they want it and in a form they can easily access.

Designers and contractors want technical support from manufacturers, and whichever channel you are communicating by, it is important to ensure that your messages are consistent, support your brand ideals and that they provide value. Researching and selecting the relevant communication channels for your target audience will ensure you are in the right place at the right time, which is critical in the age of information on demand.

Further information:

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Or read my article for AIS Profile Building Through Social Media

Find out more about The Construction Media Index, an independent, impartial and comprehensive report detailing the communication channels available for promoting to the construction sector.

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