Well written construction specification documents Getting your product specification wording right is very important and key to reducing the incidence of product switching. Competitive Advantage can help you develop strong product specifications. This article from NBS explains where the specification fits within the construction contract. NBS have published their latest report into specification activity. An […]

Well written specification documents are a very important tool in the sales and marketing of construction products. Developing standard specification clauses provides a means of saving the specifier time, enabling easy inclusion and ensuring that a construction product is correctly described as the manufacturer’s original intention. With thought, specification documents can also be written to […]

During 2015 the Competitive Advantage team has published just short of 100 blogs! The overriding theme from our most popular blogs in 2015 can be summarised as: “understanding specifiers and the specification process”.  With topics covering: CPD: Selling without the Sales Pitch Creating an Effective Specification Strategy Communicating Effectively with Specifiers Building Information Modelling Understanding […]

For a building product manufacturer the need to provide BIM support will become as necessary as the provision of standard specification clauses or CAD details. To benefit from BIM you need to understand how your building products should be presented and the information that will be required. Then, just as standard specifications are provided today, […]

Chris Ashworth from Competitive Advantage sums up a recent twitter chat on how to create an Effective Specification Strategy. Covering questions such as: – Why is it so important for product manufacturers to have an effective specification strategy? – How important is market research to specification strategy? – What are your top 3 tips for […]

To establish an effective specification strategy you need to know what is important to each decision maker, how this will influence their product choice and then demonstrate the value of your offering. In a recent Twitter Chat, hosted by Barbour News, I answered questions on how to establish effective specification selling. [<a href=”//storify.com/CompetitiveA/effective-specification” target=”_blank”>View the story “Do you have […]

Do you truly understand how your customers select their products, what they have used before and how they source product information? In this blog we take a look at reasons why your construction product may not be specified and suggest ways to improve your specification sales approach. 1 – You are selling on price alone […]

During 2014 the Competitive Advantage team has published more than 80 blogs for construction sales and marketing professionals. All are written to inspire you when facing the challenges our complex construction sector presents, so which blogs have proven the most popular? We looked at blog stats to see what story they told. Delivering what your […]