Writing for PBC Today Buildoffsite argues that, to fix our broken housing market, we need to challenge our use of traditional construction methods and materials. Buildoffsite say “The only viable way to get substantially increased capacity out of a supply chain that is under real strain is to challenge traditional methods of construction and also […]

MP Steve Cabe challenges the government asking where is the Bonfield Review?  He criticises Government, saying they are adding to a sense of disillusionment with energy policy. From the 1st October new housing in London will be expected to meet new zero carbon requirements. The new standard is much stricter than Part L of the Building […]

How Collaborative Working is Helping to Deliver Sustainable Cities The CBI are calling for the next Mayor of London to build 50,000 homes a year, stating that the capital needs to house its talented workers. The delivery of sustainable cities is also a concern raised by the UK Green Building Council, in an article for […]

Every Home Matters At Ecobuild Peter Bonfield and his team presented Every Home Matters. This is the new name for the Bonfield Review, which is in the final stages, with a report soon to be published. The seminar explored the emerging recommendations providing a glimpse of how the home energy efficiency landscape needs to evolve. With […]

A new Supply Chain Sustainability Portal has been launched with the aim to share sustainability best practice. The portal is supported by 35 of the UK’s top construction contractors, FM service providers, clients and suppliers. It is hoped the resource will help to maintain a focus on quality and efficiency throughout the supply chain as the Government […]

The government has been criticised for its subsidy cuts, as the press report 1000 job losses with two solar firms going out of business. Amber Rudd, Energy Secretary has defended her tough stance on cutting energy subsidies in her speech at the Conservative party conference. The Conservative government has also been criticised in an infographic by […]

The ONS have released Sustainable Development Indicators 2015, a report that assesses progress towards a sustainable economy, society and environment. The Inquiry of the Manufacturing Commission into industrial sustainability is seeking submissions on how UK manufacturing can achieve long-term economic, environmental and social sustainability. The CPA are holding a Networking Forum on Energy Efficiency for […]

The latest take-up figures for the Green Deal and Eco are now available. The Green Deal energy efficiency scheme has exceeded £50m milestone, with an average of 586 households applying each week. At the same time the Independent reports “The Green Deal no longer has a minister directly responsible for the programme” and “DECC’s £3.3bn […]