MP Steve Cabe challenges the government asking where is the Bonfield Review?  He criticises Government, saying they are adding to a sense of disillusionment with energy policy. From the 1st October new housing in London will be expected to meet new zero carbon requirements. The new standard is much stricter than Part L of the Building […]

There is continued criticism by the industry of the government’s policies on climate action, with concern that energy efficiency and renewables are being left entirely to market forces. The Carbon Brief provide a useful assessment of the past green deal and why Amber Rudd has commission a review. This review, being carried out by Dr. […]

Recent research by Competitive Advantage indicates that a significant proportion of RSLs have plans to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties, with many upgrades starting in 1 to 2 years.  And with many of them interested in the Green Deal, as a possible funding mechanism, this is a combination not to be ignored, but […]