We have just launched the Construction Media Index 2015 . 478 key decision makers were interviewed and asked about how they source information to inform their product purchasing and design ideas. Findings from the research show, for example,  the industry has a preference for online publications  rather than hardcopy journals. Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social networks used […]

BIM, is the industry buzz word, replacing sustainability in the ‘most talked about’ league table. This may seem like a design issue, but it also has its place in marketing as a feature which delivers a number of benefits. A year ago I wrote an article for Building Products about how not all features are […]

Our recent research, Adoption of BIM by Architects, has been compiled to provide an impartial view to help product manufacturers make informed decisions as part of their BIM strategy. The provision of BIM objects by building product manufacturers is now an issue of when, not if and of course how! With this is mind I […]

The construction industry is made up of a series of relationships with architects; designers; engineers; contractors; sub-contractors all working together to meet the needs of the client. This blog is the fifth in the series looking at the different players in the industry. The aim of this series is to provide a clearer view of […]

Our recent research, Construction Media Index, identifies communication channels used by the key decision makers in the UK construction industry. It looks at the readership of hardcopy and online trade journals, industry blogs and websites and the use of product directories, as well as attendance of technical seminars. It also provides an insight into Twitter […]

When specification selling there is the tendency to focus on just the Architect or Engineer forgetting about the Contractor. The Contractor or Specialist Contractor are often overlooked and can present a missed opportunity in influencing the specification of your product. When specification selling on a D&B or PFI project don’t just focus on the Architect, […]