Marketing is no longer just direct mail and advertising campaigns, when we think marketing we think digital, personalised emails, targeted social media campaigns, SEO, blogs and instant downloadable content. This is the same for B2B as it is for B2C and the construction sector is no exception. Our Construction Media Index shows an increase in […]

In many construction companies marketing is seen as just sales promotion, but an important element is strategic planning – a process which should be ongoing, not just reserved for the annual budget. A well-used tool for this is Ansoff’s matrix, he first developed it 60 years ago, but it is still as relevant today as […]

Housebuilding Initiatives At the beginning of the year government announced radical plans to fast-track construction of affordable homes on publicly owned land. The policy is aimed at helping to deliver the commitment to create 200,000 starter homes over the next 5 years. The government says this policy will lead to homes being built at a […]

As the government’s deadline for BIM compliance gets closer, the decision for construction product manufacturers to invest in BIM and in what form becomes increasingly important. To help with this Competitive Advantage surveyed, during September 2015, 100 leading UK architects’ practices, to establish the level of BIM adoption and expected implementation by 2019. The report […]

We have just launched the Construction Media Index 2015 . 478 key decision makers were interviewed and asked about how they source information to inform their product purchasing and design ideas. Findings from the research show, for example,  the industry has a preference for online publications  rather than hardcopy journals. Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social networks used […]

Over June and August this year we asked 478 construction professionals how they gather information to inform their product and design decisions. We asked them questions about their journal readership, blog readership, social media activity, use of product directories and CPD requirements. This information is presented in full in our research The Construction Media Index, […]

Chris Ashworth from Competitive Advantage sums up a recent twitter chat on how to create an Effective Specification Strategy. Covering questions such as: – Why is it so important for product manufacturers to have an effective specification strategy? – How important is market research to specification strategy? – What are your top 3 tips for […]

BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers is a 53 page report that takes an in depth look at manufacturers’ decisions around BIM including their reasons to invest, timescales for those investments, processes for developing BIM content and routes to market. The survey of 188 UK organisations was conducted by Competitive Advantage between July and October 2014 on behalf of BIM4M2 […]

The BIM4M2 Working Group is soon to release the results of their manufacturer survey: Adoption of BIM. A project that Competitive Advantage is proud to have delivered. If you would like a copy sent to you following release please email and Competitive Advantage will arrange this. NBS has launched its fifth NBS National BIM Survey click […]

Architects, Engineers and other design professional want informative and accurate CPD material, they do not want to be sold to. For this reason the CPD accreditation bodies vet material to ensure it meets this criteria. Although an overt sales message is frowned upon the audience want an inspirational CPD seminars. As a construction product manufacturer […]