A year has passed since the government BIM level 2 mandate came into force and the UK is seeing world leading development being done in the area of BIM. Yet since the level 2 Mandate, Brexit fears have exacerbated the skills gap faced by the industry, as well as impacted on the costs of materials. […]

Government published its Industrial Strategy as a Green Paper – The objective of the modern industrial strategy is to improve living standards and economic growth by increasing productivity and driving growth across the whole country. The paper focuses upon growth through science, technology and innovation rather than through established, traditional industries; and poses several questions […]

Three construction industry bodies, BESA, CIBSE and The CPA, have all come together to clear up confusion over the process of standardising product information in BIM. All three have agreed on the respective roles of the ‘LEXiCON’ and ‘BIMHawk’ tools in developing standardised product data parameters and structure. This should now resolve the confusion over […]

A roadmap for digital construction The UK BIM Alliance launched during the recent Construction Week, replacing the BIM Task Group, it aims to provide a reference point for firms involved in the built environment to implement BIM, particularly the adoption of Level 2. As part of this launch the chair of the UK BIM Alliance presented […]

Realising the value of a digitally enabled construction sector Construction is no longer a muddy boots and shovel industry. Recent thoughts on rebranding the construction industry take a look at some of the world leading work being done in the area of BIM and the digitisation of construction. The recent report by the CPA, The […]

Ian Chapman, director of the NBS National BIM Library, asks when it comes to BIM, what stage are construction product manufacturers at? And where would you place your business? Ian argues that the early adopters have already answered many questions, so we should learn from their experience and understand the pitfalls and benefits of adoption. […]

BIM promises to deliver better collaborative working. This month’s BIM update provides some news items that summarise progress towards this goal. At the end of June BIM4M2 invited trade associations to a briefing about BIM, LEXiCON and the BRE Template tool. The aim of the day was for trade associations to learn how manufacturers can […]

Using data collaboratively to improve the construction process Data rather than 3D objects is key to BIM, Steve Thompson explains what he means by this and the role of Product Data in his EcoBuild presentation, which has now been published on YouTube. And Richard Shennan, of Mott MacDonald says with the spread of BIM skills, […]

In the last 150 years there have only been a few innovations in construction which have significantly contributed to the efficiency of the building process. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has the potential to be one of these. It has the potential to: change the way the construction team shares information, avoid component conflicts and reduce […]

Working towards BIM Level 2 At the beginning of the month, to coincide with the BIM level 2 mandate, BSI launched www.bim-level2.org. The site aims to become a key point of reference for anyone implementing BIM Level2. To help them understand how to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and data to improve productivity and reduce waste. A pre-BIM […]