The government has been criticised for its subsidy cuts, as the press report 1000 job losses with two solar firms going out of business. Amber Rudd, Energy Secretary has defended her tough stance on cutting energy subsidies in her speech at the Conservative party conference. The Conservative government has also been criticised in an infographic by for its preference for fracking and nuclear, against the public preference for ‘clean energy’. Whilst a new report The Energy Efficiency Market Report 2015 has been published highlighting reductions in greenhouse gases achieved from investments in energy efficiency since 1990.

Amber Rudd in her Conservative Party speech confirmed plans to insulate another million homes in five years. At the recent UK Construction Week Peter Bonfield reiterated his call for input from the industry to the Bonfield Review, an independent review commission by the government looking at UK home energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. To share your ideas and assessment of how the current energy efficiency policy landscape is performing email

Sustainable Homes are undertaking some research into the energy ‘performance gap’ in new build homes over winter 2015/16 for the third in their National Energy Study series. Whilst Darren Evans argues that the Sustainable solution to UK’s housing crisis is right under our noses. Meanwhile Construction Enquirer report on the first UK house manufactured totally off-site and in Elrond Burrell review how Passivhaus is being adopted in Australia.

DECC have just announced three tariff reductions under their RHI degression policy: The small non-domestic tariff will be reduced by 5%; Biomethane tariffs in the non-domestic scheme will be reduced by 10%; The domestic biomass tariff will be reduced by 10%.

The UK-GBC team have written a review of World Green Building Week, sharing some of their highlights from the events they attended. On the 28th Ocotber The Ecobuild team are holding debate on The next big flood: why the UK won’t be ready. CIRIA have announced an event looking at responsible sourcing in the construction industry on the 24th November at the Building Centre, London. This as MPs call on the construction industry to back British Steel as it feels the pressure from China.

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