DECC have published Guidelines to the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. More money back is now available with the next phase of The Green Deal, launched this month. Ed Davey told the BBC that “we have learned from what people were telling us”, adding that round two was “very generous”.  Round two of the scheme offers the homeowner grants not loans. For example a £500 payment will be offered to anyone who installs energy-efficiency measures within 12 months of moving into their property. They will also be able to apply for a further £1,000 cashback.

The Green Homes Cashback Scheme is the Scottish Government’s equivalent to the Green Deal. It will also start in June and will operate in 2014/15. The scheme provides a £15million fund for Scottish households to put towards the cost of installing energy efficiency measures.  The fund will be available for individual householders, with private landlords and both private and social tenants all being eligible.

April saw the latest edition of Document L of the Building Regulations become law, requiring new, higher, levels of energy efficiency. Examples of how homes of the future could evolve are on display at Nottingham University’s Creative Energy Homes project and a special Green Construction Board-backed breakfast seminar will outline the project’s progress on the route to zero carbon design. You can register at

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