As over 200 businesses urge the chancellor to reconsider scrapping Zero Carbon the BBC report that Cardiff University have built a Zero Carbon house. They report that the house exports more power to the grid than it uses. And crucially they say the cost fell within the normal budget for social housing.

DECC have released a consultation document on the proposed changes to the Feed-In-Tariff. They propose removing pre-accreditation and pre-registration for the scheme. The UK Green Building Council have raised concerns this could jeopardise the solar market. DECC has launched a consultation on proposals to end support for solar PV of up to 5MW under the Renewables Obligation scheme from April 2016.

Due to low take-up and concerns about industry standards there will be no further funding to the Green Deal Finance Company. These changes are detailed here. Meanwhile Construction News report that the government could be taken to court by Green Deal providers after its decision to axe the scheme.

The Guardian list the 9 green policies killed off by government. The Under Secretary of State at DECC says these drastic changes were needed to drive down consumer bills.

Following research into the energy efficiency and retrofit sector the Construction Products Association have Launched a Five Point Plan – energy efficiency smarter together. The document looks to pull together common themes from the 120 active agencies, bodies, organisations or formal groups working in the sector.

A new edition of CIBSE Guide A, which provides guidance on the environmental design of buildings, has been published. Zero Carbon Hub have released the Builders’ Book. The book helps builders improve site processes to deliver better performing homes and reduce the risk of condensation and mould growth, excessive heat loss and, failure to meet building regulations. Zero Carbon Hub have also issued a report Assessing Overheating Risk – evidence review. Inkling provide an overview of the report called Overheating the hot topic in housing – pun intended.

The Construction Products Association have published Water Efficiency – the contribution of construction products which looks at how construction product manufacturers influence water management. The Carbon Trust are calling for businesses to pilot a new product water footprinting scheme. The scheme will help businesses to demonstrate their leadership in sustainability by certifying the life cycle water use of their products to an international standard.

Finally the Green Alliance have posted a blog by Matt Prescott that reviews the idea of corporate collaboration in sustainability and asks is collaboration outcompeting competition?

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