Human attention spans are now just 8.25 seconds! An infographic by wyzowl presents the challenges of marketing to those with a shorter attention span than goldfish! The final stat of the infographic states that 59% of senior executives would rather watch video that read text, making Richard Blackwell’s RIBA Insights article on how to increase engagement from your videos pertinent.

Driftt provide a to the point slideshare presentation on What is Product Marketing? Taking a look at the roles and responsibilities of the product marketer. When advising clients on specification strategy we recommend that they should try and position their products as ‘Strategic’. Here is a great example of how CIB helped GE Lighting do this.

Pauley Creative’s blog on marketing to architects echoes our sentiment of becoming the Trusted Advisor. Their blog also references our recent research the Construction Media Index, which provides guidance on the communication channels to use when communicating with architects.

Marketpro recruitment consultants argue that some businesses mistakenly think marketing and sales talent are largely interchangeable. They go on to say both disciplines have become so complex and distinct, consolidating the two or having the wrong person in charge is a fool’s errand.

Continuing along this vein, Sir Martin Sorrell interviews Lord Alan Sugar for Marketing Week, in which Lord Sugar debates how marketing has changed over the years, with a greater number of communication channels to choose from. A topic we are familiar with, as we cover it is our Construction Media Index research, showing how leading construction decision makers source product and design information.

For those of you, like Lord Sugar who ‘don’t get it with Facebook nor Twitter’ Copy blogger provide guidance on social media marketing with 7 steps to follow. They say if you “use the tools strategically — with a focus on content and getting a useful message in front of a wider audience — and they can be brilliantly effective.” Hubspot provide an introduction to Twitter Moments, this new feature is to help users quickly find some of the trending tweets and stories of the moment. And for those social media moments Copyblogger have six exercises to help you write shorter sentences.

On the 24th November the DMA are hosting an event where they will reveals the findings from their email tracking study. Cost to attend is £50 + VAT and the event represents 2 hours CPD.

Finally we are in ‘awards season’. The winners of the World Architecture Festival have been announced, with the AkzoNoble building in Turkey one of the overall winners. And you probably will have noticed that Grand Designs is previewing the shortlist for the RIBA House of the Year. The shortlist for the Structural Awards 2015 have been announced but most important of all is the shortlist for the Construction Marketing Awards!

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