Communicating with decision makers in the construction Industry

The 4th edition of the Construction Media Index is soon to be released! This research provides an impartial view on: the use of hardcopy and electronic media by category of decision maker; how electronic media is being used to inform product and design ideas; industry publications which are actually read.

For a preview of the findings join our webinar on Thursday 17th September at 12.30.

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Social Media

With the launch of our Construction Media Index research just around the corner I thought I would start this round-up with a focus on social media.

Branch Out Europe provide an infographic on why you should use LinkedIn for your business. Guidance on LinkedIn showcase pages is provided by Pauley Creative. Hinge Marketing also provide guidance on connecting with your audience with LinkedIn showcase pages.  Simply Measured have issued a Facebook Industry Report 2015 and an eBook on The Complete Guide to Twitter Measurement. While Construction Marketing Ideas ask does Twitter matter for construction marketing? Google have announced it is separating Google+ profiles from its other services.

Client agency relationships

Marketing Magazine, referencing research, write about the troubled client agency relationship, with the main concern being a lack of understanding of the clients business. Pauley Creative provide Tips to get the Most out of Your Construction Marketing Partners. Our blog How to choose the Construction Market Research provider that’s right for you also provides guidance.


Zoom Info have released an eBook on The Top 5 B2B marketing Myths, such as email blasts are effective. Hubspot debate plain text versus html email, drawing on research findings. They have also released a series of how-to videos for marketers by marketers. Copy blogger give six tips on how to adapt your writing for content marketing. Anna Hern of Ridgemount PR argues the role of the PR writer is increasingly important. The Content Marketing Institute provide some content marketing revelations from 2015. Hinge marketing present the cost and benefits of market research a subject close to our heart, here at Competitive Advantage.

A quick reminder that now is the time to put together your entry for the Construction Marketing Awards, as the entry deadline is just around the corner. Finally CIMCIG have managed to secure a limited number of free tickets for Brighton SEO.


Salesforce have interviewed thought leaders in the sales section and presented the findings in an infographic on tips to become the most successful salesperson. On the flip side Allin Networking present 7 fatal errors sales managers make. Mark Frame writes about why buyers don’t like salespeople.

Finally Joni Tyler, RIBA Head of CPD provides some simple techniques that can make all the difference.when marketing your CPD.

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