It’s time to put your entry together for the Construction Marketing Awards 2015! Entires close on the 25th September with winners announced at the Gala Dinner on the 9th December.

How do you know what your audience really wants? In this blog the Content Marketing Institute ask the presenters for Content Marketing World 2015 to share how they truly focus on their audiences (besides creating personas). The Content Marketing Institute provide guidance on the Best 9 Analytics to help with Content Audits. Copyblogger remind us of the importance of delegation when it comes to content marketing.

Hubspot provide the A-Z of social media terms and Simply Measured provide guidance on how to answer your bosses questions about social media campaigns.

Copyblogger provide advice on how to stay ahead of the search engines and avoid Google-induced stress disorder! For a look into the future take a look at the BBC article What will Google do next?

For marketing guidance with a construction focus, Nick Pauley of Pauley Creative reviews the use of QR codes and hashtags in the construction industry.  Pauley Creative also provide advice on how to use Facebook as an online construction marketing tool. Ian Purkis, Technical Advisor of Jeld-Weld shares some lessons learned delivering CPD.

We all like an engaging case study, how about this? Brick by brick the history of Lego marketing. And we also love a good infographic, this one by Hubspot provides a round-up of Graphic design terms.

For some fresh sales ideas Jeffrey Davis provides an interesting take on how to adapt the four Ps into a sales tool. Erica Stritch writes If you want to improve your sales conversations, pay attention to these 7 keys.

Simply Measured have released their 2015 State of Social Marketing Report. And for the construction sector Competitive Advantage will soon being issuing the Construction Media Index 2015, covering communication channels used by decision makers in the construction industry. Get a preview of the results by joining our webinar on Thursday 17th September at 12.30 and receive a 25% discount on the advertised report price.

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