Competitive Advantage have a comprehensive range of resources to help sales and marketing professionals working in the construction sector. Some are free and others have a modest charge to cover the cost of gathering the information. Many are designed to support the building product manufacturer. Below is a summary of the items:

Construction Marketing Strategy:

Our popular toolkit series consist of a number of short datasheets. These datasheets act as handy reference guides for the construction marketer, covering the marketing tools best suited for construction markets. 

Communicating with Construction Specifiers

The Construction Media Index is impartial research into traditional and digital communication channels used by UK construction industry decision makers.
The Construction Media Index 2017 aims to inform your communications strategy so that you reach your key decision makers, and achieve your marketing objectives.

Construction Specifier Engagement

The decision to specify a product is based on many factors. Products are selected because of more than their performance or price. Creating awareness of products thereby creating ‘demand pull’ through the supply chain, and eventually sales, is a critical exercise for the product manufacturer. We provide a number of market reports to help inform your specification strategy.

Construction Marketing Personas

Developing personas is a really good way of understanding your construction customer. You can use personas to develop your construction sales and marketing strategy so it is tailored to your customers challenges. Here are a series of guides introducing members of the construction Decision Making Unit, concluding with a persona template for you to complete.

Construction Industry Evolution

Construction is now seeing innovations and initiatives to drive change in the areas of pre-manufacture, information & technology, sustainability and new construction methods. Here are some resources to help understand how the industry is set to change. 

Construction Industry Sector Reports

We provide a number of reports that detail specific sectors in construction, considering market size, trends, key market influences, opportunities and who the decision makers and influencers are.

Construction Forecasts

Competitive Advantage are pleased to have partnered with Hewes & Associates to offer a report with three years of forecast data for Housing, Infrastructure, Public non-Housing, Industrial, Commercial, Repair & Maintenance.

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Construction Sales & Marketing Knowledge