Building Information Modelling is a hot topic, with government and the construction industry shouting its benefits. The problem for the manufacturer, with hard pressed budgets, is will I get a return on my investment?Adoption of BIM has been researched and written to help answer that question and then make the right implementation choices.

Our 2013 research into BIM will help manufacturers decide if the investment in Building Information Modelling is justified by enabling you to understand:

  • The value and penetration of BIM designed construction up to 2016
  • A free service to subscribers which calculates the growth in BIM in your target market
  • How architects are currently using BIM and how this will change by 2016
  • Variations in BIM usage between sectors
  • The availability and importance of manufacturers specifications as BIM objects
  • Architects preferred sources for BIM objects
  • What architects expect from manufacturers offering BIM objects

We are also offering a service, free to those that purchase the report (normally priced at £50 + VAT), to calculate the growth in value of BIM designed projects in your markets. And providing a complimentary copy of our eBook: Incorporating BIM into your Specification Sales Strategy worth £20 + VAT.

The report costs just £250 + VAT. Purchase online now.

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