eBook: Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Product SpecificationThe construction industry is vital to our economy. Construction accounts for almost 7% of the UK economy as a whole, contributing nearly £90billion. Construction provides the buildings we live and work in, and the infrastructure that supports our lives.

To be able to influence the specification of a product, it is first necessary to understand what a specification is and how it is created. Then it is necessary to gain skills to relate to specifiers and build relationships with those in the Decision Making Unit (DMU). Adopting a specification selling approach allows the focus to move away from price alone. The process requires the presentation of product benefits far beyond the simple ability of the product to do its job. These benefits vary depending on who you are talking to. No longer will a simple sales message be suitable for everyone on the project team, they need to receive tailored messages.

This eBook aims to provide an understanding of the:

  • Decision Making Unit (DMU)
  • Decision making process
  • Influences on product selection
  • Types of specification and why they are selected
  • External influences on specification

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