Front cover_ Market ResearchMarket research is an important part of business and when used effectively can inform business decisions which contribute to the success of your company.

Market research can help you to:

  • Improve customer retention and maintain standards
  • Improve business processes and efficiency
  • Identify staff training requirements
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Major on your brand’s strengths and correct its weaknesses

This eBook will guide you through how to write a comprehensive brief, clearly explain the different  market research processes and what to consider, as well as detail the advantages and disadvantages for each. And importantly demonstrate how to use research to inform your business strategy.

This eBook contains over 30 pages of practical information to guide you through the different methods of market research, looking at the processes involved, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each method. And importantly how each method can be used to inform your business strategy. Throughout the eBook there are handy ‘print-off pages’ for you to refer to.

This eBook costs just £20 + VAT. Purchase online now

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