In the last 150 years there have only been a few innovations in construction which have significantly contributed to the efficiency of building construction. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of these.

For manufacturers this is an opportunity to be secure specifications and keep them firm during the construction process. To take advantage you need to understand BIM, how your products should be presented and the information that will be required. Then just as standard specifications are provided today, you will need to create BIM objects which can be emailed or downloaded from your website and imported into the different proprietary systems.

BIM eBook Front coverThis eBook aims to provide:

  • A picture of how the UK Construction industry is adopting BIM now and into the future
  • An overview of the benefits of BIM and how the product manufacturer can take advantage of these
  • Insight into how BIM affects product specification
  • Ideas on how to incorporate BIM into your specification sales strategy

This eBook contains over 30 pages and is for the building product manufacturer who is exploring how to incorporate BIM into their business, who wants to understand how to take advantage of the benefits of BIM and incorporate these into their specification sales strategy.

Published November 2013

The eBook costs just £20 + VAT. Purchase online now

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