As we begin the new year many of us will be reviewing strategy, here are some reading that may help with your planning:

Or simply contact the team here at Competitive Advantage to arrange a 30 minute FOC consultation on your specification strategy? T: 01276 503539.

Refreshingly Anna Hern asks, in her blog for CIMCIG, is there more to life than statistics? A reminder for this time of year that although it is important to measure activity, we mustn’t forget to draw on experience.

There have also been a number of marketing trend predictions for the coming year. Here are some of the new terms we have come across:

With content marketing remaining popular take a look at this infographic on content selling. Rick Osman in his article Words are Sticky reminds us that with the immediacy of social media we shouldn’t forget that online marketing can have longevity. Gavin Tadman provides a review of a recent campaign for Coillte Panel Products in his article We’ve gone viral. Nick Pauley in his latest blog provides tips on shaping a strong construction brand. This links nicely with the next CIMCIG seminar entitled Death of Brand.

SpecifiedBy have released a report providing insights into exactly what specifiers want from building product manufacturers and what helps influence their decisions. The next webinar from Competitive Advantage also provides a review on Identifying the drivers behind product selection.

Finally a new exclusive social network for the UK Construction industry has been launched –


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