In a recent blog from Hubspot they report that “Google is dropping the profile photo and circle count from the search listings where authorship is assigned to a web page”. They summarise some search basics and emphasise the important of creating relevant content.

Pritesh Patel has posted slides looking at the role of online building product directories. It provides thought on what to consider.

Construction Marketing Ideas warn of Fraud: The unintended (and unwelcome) consequences of pay-per-click advertising.

Email Marketing

An infographic by summarises research into how we use email and another infographic by Alchemy Worx states that 85% of opens happen 2 days after they are sent. In their recent blog Alchemy Worx review the power of the resend. Marketing Sherpa have recently issued a number of email case studies, the latest one looks at personalisation of b2b emails to reduce unsubscribes.

Marketing Trends

The Marketing Centre have released the 2014 Marketing Trends results, supported with an Infographic and eBook Marketing Guide to Success.

The Power of Words

Leonie Thomas has been interviewed by Pritesh Patel, giving insight into bid preparation

Uberflip have produce an Infographic based on examples that looks at words and phrases that convert.

Summer reading? Pauley Creative have compiled a number of books to inspire change in your construction marketing.

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