A number of general reports have been published about usage of social media in this country, but how closely does the construction industry follow these trends?

Recently we completed the Construction Media Index 2015, research that looks at how key decision makers in construction source information to inform their specification and design ideas. The research covers a wealth of communication channels: online and hardcopy journal readership, blogs, online articles, devices, social networks, Apps, product directories and attendance at technical seminars. Focussing on social media we have created an infographic to present a comparison between our findings for the construction sector and general social media trends.

Construction Media Index 1

Although these trends reported by the Construction Media Index 2015 are generally similar across categories, there are some noticeable differences. For example for social networks Architects are much greater users than other categories and more Housebuilders use Technical Apps than any of the other categories. For more information about the Construction Media Index 2015 visit www.cadvantage-knowledge.co.uk


Further information

The Construction Media Index 2015 provides  impartial research on traditional and digital communication channels. Research from 478 construction professionals:

  • Architects,
  • Engineers
  • Housebuilders
  • Merchants
  • Contractors

Presents how key decision makers in construction gather information to inform their product and design decisions.



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