How do you decide your marketing spend and then justify it to the Finance Director?

Even when starting with a bottom-up process it is useful to have a comparison with other similar companies.

Competitive Advantage Consultancy has completed a survey of marketing activity and spend in the construction sector for Manufacturers, Contractors, Professional Services and Suppliers (Wholesaler, Distributor, Merchant).

The Marketing Activity & Spend research is designed to help you:

  • Evaluate marketing spend in relation to turnover by construction sector
  • Understand proportion of spend per marketing activity per construction sector and how these have changed since 2011
  • Be aware of how spend on traditional marketing may change in 2014 and where budgets will be focused for digital channels
  • Know of the levels of enquiries received against channels used
  • Understand how others evaluate and measure ROI
  • Evaluate attitudes towards marketing expediture over 2011, 2012, 2013 with a view to 2014

The survey, conducted through July to September 2013 & published October 2013, covers marketing spend as a proportion of turnover, how the budget is split, usage of digital marketing and trends between 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014..

This reports contains 83 charts & tables.

The report costs just £50.00 + VAT

Purchase online now!

  1. One trend that’s having an impact is the shift from “paid” marketing (mostly adverts and sponsorships) to social media and content marketing (which are seen as “earned” and “owned” media). It’s no longer enough to just decide on an amount to buy in advertising and sponsorships and then make that happen. Social media and content marketing can be time-consuming. While much of the work can be delegated to junior staff, it’s becoming more important for senior people to be seen as “engaged” and ready to communicate with their constituents. Many firms use ghost-writers — is the A/E world ready to embrace “ghost-tweeting”? Do you think that this change in the marketing picture will require more time from senior people, or will it just be delegated down?

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