The Client:

Eque2 is a market-leading supplier of business management software to the construction and contracting industries, with more than 1,300 customers spanning small to enterprise sized organisations. Eque2’s integrated technology and software systems provide their customers with knowledge and focus, making it easy for them to control their business management processes.

The Project:

Eque2 wished to understand in more detail the different activities, within the facilities and building management sector, where software could be used to simplify service processes. This knowledge would then inform new product development, identify appropriate features required from Eque2’s new and existing software and highlight promotional opportunities.

The Objectives:

The key objective of the research was to identify the sectors within construction that require support services for facilities and building management, so identifying opportunities for Eque2 to promote existing and new software.

Eque2 also wished to understand better:

  • Which aspects of a building’s operation requires support services
  • The construction sectors that require special levels of service
  • How facilities and building management services are currently used
  • The challenges faced by those currently providing facilities and building management services

The Methodology:

Competitive Advantage began by conducting desk research to identify the key sectors in construction which require facilities and building services management, including sectors which would require special levels of service. Within this desk research Competitive Advantage defined the main aspects of a building’s operation with the greatest requirement for support services, representing the biggest opportunity for Eque2.

Having reviewed the desk research with the client, Competitive Advantage conducted further detailed analysis of each key sector, identifying providers and users of facilities management and support services. Telephone interviews were then used to obtain feedback from providers and users of support services in a number of principal operator categories.

Reporting was clearly formatted, using tables, infographics and a management summary of the research findings. The report provided a comprehensive overview of the levels of facilities management and building services currently offered and the main challenges users face when operating and maintaining buildings. Therefore identifying areas of opportunity for the software provided by Eque2.

The Benefits:

Competitive Advantage enabled Eque2 to better understand the levels of facilities and building management services which are currently provided; Knowing the issues faced by users and providers of these support services. This has shown Eque2 where the key areas of opportunity are for promoting their software, what aspects of support services their software should focus on. Demonstrating how it can help Eque2 customers to manage processes for building and facilities management more efficiently, so allowing them to deliver what their customer truly needs.


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