The clients:

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) is the UK’s leading trade association representing the interests of contractors who design, install, inspect, test and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and services.The NICEIC offer leading certification services, Building Regulations Schemes, products and support to electrical contractors and many other trades within the construction industry.
2021 Vision

The project:

2021 Vision is a research project jointly conceived and funded by ECA and NICEIC to provide a long-term view for the electrical contracting industry.

The objective:

In commissioning the research the ECA and the NICEIC sought to:

  • Highlight scenarios that will shape the industry
  • Identify the character and structure of the wider construction industry
  • Forecast the economic outlook for the industry
  • Identify client and main contractor requirements
  • Understand the range of work to be undertaken
  • Predict the knowledge and skills to be required
  • Know of key product development requirements
  • Understand installation trends

The methodology:

In compiling the report Competitive Advantage contacted 34 leading thinkers who contributed their views, this was done as part of focus groups or as individual interviews.

Competitive Advantage also reviewed 44 published reports, articles and government briefings to gather previously published views and opinions.

In addition 1000 electrical contractors and related installation professionals (members of ECA or clients of NICEIC) gave their views via an online survey.

The research data was then analysed by the experienced team at Competitive Advantage who, using their technical and commercial knowledge, interpreted the information and presented it in a report format. An overview of the report findings were presented by Chris Ashworth of Competitive Advantage at the NICEIC  annual conference.

The benefits:

Working together the ECA and the NICEIC were able to identify how contractors, in the drive for a sustainable future, could:

  • Build their reputation for expertise and impartial advice
  • Develop initiatives to create greater work opportunities
  • Expand their influence by acting as advisors, problem solvers, building assessors

Read a summary of the report as printed in the Electrical Contracting Today.

Or view the full 2021 Vision report

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