The Client:

Knauf is a leading international manufacturer of building materials producing a full range of products and systems for walls, floors, ceilings and exteriors.knauf-logo

Knauf Aquapanel Exterior – the ideal render carrier board – is the perfect substrate for directly applied render finishes and can be used for exterior walls in ventilated systems, exterior ceilings and soffits.

The Project:

Knauf had a CPD seminar that had been prepared by their technical team. While it was technically accurate, it needed to promote the company and the  product.

The shortcomings of the seminar were picked up during specification sales training that Competitive Advantage delivered for the Knauf sales team. Recognising the missed opportunity that this represented Knauf chose to work with the experienced team at Competitive Advantage to develop and enhance their CPD seminar.

The Objectives:

To review the existing Knauf Aquapanel Exterior CPD and make it more engaging for Architects; to identify ways to maximise the opportunities for Knauf and its product; to produce a CPD that would pass RIBA’s guidelines for certification.

The Methodology:

Competitive Advantage facilitated a number of workshops with the Knauf sales team, to review the CPD seminar’s content.

The first step was to define the seminar objectives. These included: informing the audience about key features of the product; raising awareness of the consequences of not specifying correctly; facilitating an introduction for the company and providing opportunity to identify sales leads.

Following the setting of these objectives an outline was developed, which tracked the story we wanted to tell against each individual slide.

The next step required the careful review of each slide. This is more than graphic design as every phrase and word must be composed with care and complementary imagery selected. Competitive Advantage drew on their wealth of construction sales and marketing experience to ensure the technical and sales messages were combined in a visually stimulating format; a format that would be acceptable to the certification authority and appealing to Architects.

After this thorough review and once the presentation was considered satisfactory it was road tested with a number of ‘friendly’ architects. Their comments were noted and incorporated into the content.

After all of this was complete it was then submitted to the certification body for approval, which it received without any query.

The Benefits:

Knauf now have a RIBA approved Aquapanel Exterior CPD seminar which addresses an area of concern to specifiers, is enjoyable to watch and helps them to deliver their key product messages.

“We were very satisfied with the level of assistance, guidance and professionalism we received from Chris Ashworth during the redesign of our New Knauf Aquapanel Exterior CPD. The brief was set, the early guidance and assistance was as needed and the later fine tuning and advice led to an excellent finished product. The experience within the construction environment that Chris has, enabled him to grasp what we were trying to achieve and how it should be produced. Competitive Advantage’s experience also led to us having no problems in gaining instant RIBA approval as well as getting great feedback and leads as a result of the CPD’s we have since given.” Richard Lord, Technical Development Manager, Knauf

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