Construction forecasting tailored to your markets

Competitive Advantage has developed a tailored construction forecasting model, based on reliable data published by the CPA but personalised to reflect your business profile. Click here to view a report sample.

By analysing the nature of your construction business and correlating this with construction industry forecasts we can help you to reduce uncertainty and benchmark your performance against the sectors you operate in.

Conducting regular construction forecasting can help you to:

  • Clearly identify the future demand for construction goods and services
  • Identify trends in the construction market ahead of competitors
  • Benchmark your performance against the market
  • Evaluate market size and opportunities

As part of your planning process you need to conduct regular construction market forecasts. Forecasting can improve your business planning by indicating construction trends, showing the potential value of each construction sector to your business and changes in your market share.

Construction industry forecasts give an idea of the industry’s future, but need further dissection to help understand the implications for your business.

Competitive Advantage can provide a construction market forecast tailored to the opportunities in your sectors. This exercise is relatively low-cost and can help you anticipate any potential threats and indeed be well placed for new business opportunities.

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