Focus groups specifically for the construction sector

Focus groups are particularly valuable when:

  • Researching attitudes to a new product
  • Assessing your product literature
  • Completing a re-branding exercise

Focus groups are an ideal environment to test opinions or discuss new ideas. They work in a far less structured manner than a standard research interview, with a facilitator guiding the discussion.

Focus groups can also be used to gain better understanding of some issues behind responses from a standard market research process.

The benefits of conducting construction industry focus groups

  • The relaxed environment allows for one participant’s opinions to spark thoughts from others.
  • You can gauge opinion from members of your key target market
  • Informal discussion allows for the raising of issues that may not arise as part of a structured interview approach

How the process works:

A focus group is an informal discussion which is structured and controlled by a faciliatator with the aim of drawing out the group’s perceptions, attitudes and opinions about a topic.

This is achieved by facilitating discussion and interaction between participants with similar experiences. This methodology can often lead to the raising of issues that might not arise in a structured interview, with the opportunity to explore these points to gain an understanding as each individual contributes and builds on previous comments.

Traditionally, focus groups have comprised a physical gathering of people. But online focus groups are becoming popular as they can bring together individuals over a wide geographical spread, provide an element of anonymity and cost significantly less to run.

Competitive Advantage conducts traditional focus groups and is developing its expertise in the online focus group.

The benefits of working with us on construction market research:

Competitive Advantage has been conducting construction market research since 2000. Our commercial experience of the construction industry means we are experienced at communicating with construction industry decision makers:  architects, engineers, project managers, estimators, large & small contractors, sub-contractors, distributors, wholesalers and merchants.

Competitive Advantage conducts market research to meet the relevant requirements of international market research standard ISO 20252:2006. This defines processes which ensure best practice in the conducting and reporting of market research.

Further reading

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