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Why conduct construction research?

The construction industry is responsible for 9% of UK GDP and has a complex Decision Making Unit (DMU), hence a marketing challenge, and as the government encourages initiatives such as sustainability and  BIM the dynamics are set to change. For the construction sales and marketing professional this poses a challenge:

  • Which are the best methods for communicating with Architects and Engineers?
  • Will Architects and Engineers specify my products and if so, how?
  • What is the influence of BIM on product specification?
  • How great is the impact of sustainability on product specification?
  • How do my building products rate against my competitors?
  • What do my customers truly think?

Market research is an important guide for business and when used effectively can inform decisions which contribute to the success of your company. Conducting regular construction market research allows insight into the decision making process and the influences on product specification.



The benefits of working with us on construction market research:

Competitive Advantage has been conducting construction market research since 2000. Our commercial experience of the construction industry means that as well as reporting market research findings, we are able to interpret these effectively and make sound business recommendations.

We use a range of research methods, recommending the best option or combination to suit your project’s requirements, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, telephone interviews and online surveys.

Our in-house research team are experienced at interviewing construction industry decision makers:  architects, engineers, project managers, estimators, large & small contractors, sub-contractors, distributors, wholesalers and merchants.

We use Barbour ABI, an expert provider of construction market insights and intelligence, to identify respondents currently involved in relevant projects.

Competitive Advantage conducts market research to meet the relevant requirements of international market research standard ISO 20252:2006. This defines processes which ensure best practice in the conducting and reporting of market research.

At Competitive Advantage we work through a check-list to determine the formulae to use and the size of sample. We then balance this against the practical aspects to propose a sample size which is both representative, practical and affordable.

We also work with associate research companies in a number of other countries (who are also construction research specialists). This gives us the capability to conduct international projects.

And if your research identifies a training requirement, or a need for strategy development we have the expertise to work with you on this.

“The most in-depth research report held within the Rockfon Group.”
Jenny Brookes – Marketing Manager

“Excellent report. Well laid out and comprehensive.”
Sean Appleton – Marketing Manager – Promat UK

“A very comprehensive and, as always from you, accurate report. Your active role has been so important to us in many ways….Having you as part of the team has been enjoyable and highly productive.”
Steve Voelzke – Rob Roy Industries USA

“Chris is a true expert in marketing, and has an innate understanding of both specifiers and the wider construction supply chain. He delivers concise, relevant information in an easily accessible way, and can be relied upon to provide food for thought at any presentation he gives. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a potential supplier.”
Simon Forrester – Association Chief Executive – BPCA

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