Understanding the specification process – a modular training course

Specification selling is extremely complex process with many influences on final product selection.

To maintain or improve market share and profitability manufacturers need to create demand for their products by working with specifiers. The company which understands who the different influencers are, what is important to them and the circumstances when they are most important has the greatest chance of sales success.

The specification process involves the contractor as well as various professionals. Projects need to be monitored from conception through to completion, which can take 18 months or more.

Creating a course tailored for you

20120320-WKO Ecobuild 2012-06609Competitive Advantage is a leading authority on creating demand through specification. We draw on practical sales and marketing experience, academic theory and our extensive research into the market.

Our in-house programme can be built from a series of modules . These modules are designed so we can share our understanding with your team in a way that suits your needs. Options include a one day training course, followed by a series of half-day modules providing a deeper understanding of key areas. This modular system allows you to integrate training with your sales meetings in the most effective way for you.

Who is the training for?:

Although primarily designed for the construction sales team these modules are also beneficial for marketing and technical support teams.

The training provides practical advice at a sales level, suitable for both those new to the construction environment and as a refresher for the experienced construction products sales person.Construction sales and marketing courses

It also helps those in marketing to understand what support the construction sales team needs and how to use this effectively.

And it helps technical support understand how their role functions as part of the sales process and the ways that they can contribute to business development.

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Course modules include:

  • Effective specification selling

  • Trusted advisor

  • The specification process

  • CPD and presentation skills

  • Work smart4935 _DSC2510

  • Specification influences

  • Communication channels

  • Construction industry overview

  • Negotiation

  • Telephone skills

Where possible the modules are interactive, involving the team so they can take away actions.

“I have talked to a number of my team and all said that they found the 2 days enormously helpful and that they learned a lot. The notes are incredibly comprehensive and have already been referred to during inter-departmental meetings.”
Maria Simmonds – Managing Director – Lorient Polyproducts Ltd

“I found Chris really knowledgable & he gave good examples from his personal experiences. The training provided very useful tools to help me improve and help improve my internal support. Makes me think more about what I can do and how to use my time more effectively.”
Scott Leader – Sales Manager – Glazing Vision

“The course was first class. I can share with you that one of our sales reps has used a new strategy learned from the course, resulting in the success of arranging a CPD with a major architect practice that we have not been able to get into before!”

“Working with Chris was a real pleasure. With Chris I was able to develop the Specification Sales Team at Prysmian Cables. We moved forward with M&E building services consultants to develop the market share of Prysmian’s differentiated products: this was mainly via CPD Seminars.”
Martyn Corbishley – Business Development Manager – Prysmian Cables & Systems Ltd