Achieving housing targets

It is hoped the new Neighbourhood Planning Bill will streamline the planning process and give local people greater say over development in their area. This plan is part of speeding up delivery of the further new homes this country needs. Government is also considering modular construction in answer to the housing crisis.

Shelter has produced a report on how to achieve governments’ pledge to deliver 1million homes. The report draws on experiences from the 2007/8 housing slump and the recent Brexit vote, setting out policies to help achieve the governments’ target. Research by the new Home Building Skills Partnership looks at how improving collaboration in the homebuilding supply chain could relieve the skills crisis.

Addressing the construction skills crisis

Scape have completed a review of the supply chain, surveying more than 150 contractors, subcontractors and senior managers from the public & private sectors. The report examines supply chain stability, identifying the extent of the skills crisis.

The government is seeking views on the details of its proposals for a new funding regime for apprenticeships, with a levy on larger businesses and training subsidies for smaller firms. Yet CITB warn that plans to bring in the new levy could see apprenticeship funding in construction cut by nearly a third.

A new campaign #ExperienceConstruction aims to encourage young people, parents and teachers, and the industry to consider work experience placements in construction to support the next generation to better understand the opportunities and careers available to them. The #ExperienceConstruction campaign is calling for industry to pledge a placement, or to share a story of how a work experience placement has had a positive impact.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has launched an e-learning hub to promote best practice in construction.

Marketing construction products

‘Jobs To Be Done’ is a modern marketing framework which helps you to think about and understand exactly what motivates someone to choose (or not choose) your product over another. And if you sell ‘tech’ type products online then an this article takes a look at product copy, saying  text formatting matters a lot. Ian Exall writes that construction industry marketers, when considering the 4 P’s of marketing, should remember the fourth ‘P’ (Place).


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