New data shows that 74% of homes bought through the Help to Buy scheme are new-build properties. An interesting article by Building asks: Is planning the root cause of England’s housing market ills?

Referenced in the Queen’s Speech, the government has published its Infrastructure Bill.  The Bill would turn the Highways Agency into a Government owned company and allow for greater long term planning. In the recent budget Chancellor George Osborne also committed a total of £450 million to flood relief. In a recent article the NBS speculate whether this is enough.

The updated version of BES 6001– Responsible sourcing of construction products is now available. The Approved Document Part L Conservation of fuel and power has been updated. This means any projects granted planning permission after April 2014 need to incorporate new, higher, levels of energy efficiency.

Surveying the Future’ is a new campaign to attract more talent to the surveying industry. And the Construction News Campaign, Love Construction has now been running for one year, so keep an eye out for activity around their one year anniversary.

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