With the upcoming election the construction industry is keen to have their say. Glenigan have published a special report reviewing the construction-specific issues that will directly impact the industry. The Construction Industry Council are providing regular election briefings demonstrating that “Construction is a key engine for UK economic growth”.

The long awaited 2015 editions of several Approved Documents have now been published. These are AD G (Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency) and AD H (Drainage and waste disposal). All will take effect on 1 October 2015.

A new report from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee has called into question the cost of the HS2 scheme, stating the government has no convincing case for spending £50bn.

The Government have announced that, for projects with a value of more than £50m, bidders for major Government infrastructure projects will now have to provide evidence of their commitment to developing skills.

As part of his Planning update announcement on 25th March Eric Pickles confirmed that the Code for Sustainable Homes has been withdrawn.

The NHBC have published a new report Homes through the decades, the making of modern homes. This new guide introduces the history of the modern British home – from cholera outbreaks in Victorian London, right through to carbon emissions targets today.

The CPA is calling for further evidence on poor or good behaviours around CE marking, asking for factual data. Please send examples of evidence to peter.caplethorn@constructionproducts.org.uk. Leading consumer campaigner Lynn Faulds Wood will lead a review of the UK’s system for the recall of unsafe products.

Innovate UK is to invest up to £2 million in feasibility studies to explore ways to improve the construction supply chain. A recent article by Construction Marketing Media remind construction companies that all activity is marketing and reminds us of bad practices within the industry that need to be resolved, such as payment terms.

Architectural applications for 3D printing are steadily advancing, a faculty-led student team, at the College of Environmental Design at the University of California have created the largest 3D-printed cement structure built to date. And CITB have launched a new app, to help get construction phase plans sorted on the move.

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