We have recently surveyed construction professionals, asking them questions about their journal readership, blog readership, social media activity and use of construction product directories. This is to inform the fifth edition of the Construction Media Index report.

How have the findings changed since our last Construction Media Index survey?

In this article I take a look at how our 2017 findings compare to those in our 2015 research. Taking the consolidated findings from all job roles surveyed.

Construction Trade Journal Readership

The Construction Media Index continues to show challenging times for trade journals. Hardcopy only readership has dropped to just 10% in the 2017 survey. And those reporting not to read trade journals at all has more than doubled.

In 2015 we reported that 42% construction professionals read online blogs and articles. Surprisingly 2017 results show just 35% read online blogs and articles, despite half saying their usage has increased in the last 12 months.

Social networks used by construction professionals

In 2015 we saw that 47% of construction professionals did not use social networks. And of those that did LinkedIn was the most widely used followed by Twitter and Facebook. The 2017 Construction Media Index shows that LinkedIn is still the most widely used network; how-ever the use of Facebook has overtaken Twitter.


Where construction professionals source product information

2015 survey results saw 58% of construction professionals using product directories. The usage of product directories has remained steady with usage at 56% in 2017. And manufacturers’ websites remain the most regularly used source for product information and ideas.

This years’ results show a significant increase in the use of apps, in 2015 19% of professionals used technical apps, now just below 50% of professionals use apps.


Further information:

The Construction Media Index 2017

The Construction Media Index 2017 research aims to inform your communication strategy, not only for social media but for trade journals, online presence through blogs, newsletters and website. It seeks to help you understand how best provide construction product and technical information. Each Construction Media Index report covers survey results from specific key decision makers in the construction supply chain. The 2017 survey results provide findings for Architects, Main Contractors, Housebuilders, Merchants and Offsite Manufacturers.

The Construction Media Index is published by Competitive Advantage Consultancy and sponsored by MRA, Ridgemount PR and CIB.



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