Working towards BIM Level 2

At the beginning of the month, to coincide with the BIM level 2 mandate, BSI launched The site aims to become a key point of reference for anyone implementing BIM Level2. To help them understand how to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and data to improve productivity and reduce waste.

pre-BIM Mandate survey conducted by Construction Manager reveals that overall levels of confidence on BIM adoption are relatively low as 27% score themselves as “very unsure” about working at Level 2 BIM and just 5% claiming to be “fully Confident”. An overview of the research can be found on the CIOB website.

BIM4M2 also released research showing that 58% of manufacturers currently already offer BIM, with 35% planning to in the future, with just 7% having no plans to adopt BIM. This is the 2nd edition of their research BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers Report 2015/16 conducted by Competitive Advantage Consultancy, and is an update to the 2014 survey, which set out to inform the process of helping manufacturers implement BIM.

The ECA, Voltimum and the Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) have produced a short survey for electrotechnical manufacturers to learn more about the use of BIM Objects and readiness for BIM Level 2.

What does BIM Level 2 mean for manufacturers?

The day after the mandate deadline BIM4M2 held a Twitter chat with Paul Surin, Head of Built Environment at Wienerberger and Vice Chair of BIM4M2. The aim of the Twitter chat was to answer any questions product manufacturers have about the BIM Level 2 deadline and what it all means for them.

Following on from the Twitter Chat, Competitive Advantage organised the seminar ‘BIM for Manufacturers: Countdown to Mandatory Government BIM’ hosted by BIM4M2, in partnership with the CPA. The presentations were very informative, showing that BIM Level 2 is about product data from the manufacturer and has moved on from being just about creating BIM objects. A live Blog of the day was created which includes commentary from the event, slide decks, links and online conversations.

The B1M have published a video asking what does BIM mean to me? Seven construction industry experts from different disciplines discuss what BIM will mean to their profession, why it’s worth adopting and where best to start. Craig Sewell of Cubicle Centre presents the manufacturers point of view.

BIM Product Data

Steve Thompson, vice chair of BIM4M2 and PCSG Ltd, on behalf of the BIM task Group has published Product Data Definition. The purpose of this a guide, sponsored by BIS,  is to provide a technical specification framework that supports the flow of information using plain language terms.

BIM4M2 are inviting trade associations to attend workshops to assist them in helping their members communicate product data. The first workshop is taking place on 5th May 10am-12.30pm in the West Midlands.

BIM report CTA


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