The project to develop a standardised format for BIM content continues, with the Construction Products Association, BRE and BIM4M2 working together. This will be managed by ‘Relevant Authorities’ – the trade associations representing manufacturers who will develop the templates for each section of the industry. The next workshop for trade associations is being hosted by the CPA on 7th November. Make sure your trade association is involved.

The new role of the UK BIM Alliance will be launched at a series of events during October, including the ICE Conference and Digital Construction Week at the BIM Village.

In its report Building a Technology Advantage KPMG says construction companies are not embracing technology like BIM. But according to a UK Facilities Manager survey by UK Construction Week and the British Institute of Facilities Management facilities managers are starting to recognise the importance of BIM. 80% believe more needs to be done to take whole lifecycle cost into account during the construction process. An important opportunity for manufacturers selling their products on the benefits of lifetime value.

For the architect’s perspective on implementing BIM, read John Evan’s article Lessons on Incorporating BIM. And for the manufacturer’s perspective, BIM4M2 have published case studies by Prater and ACO Technologies.

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