Transparency Market Research have released Global BIM Market Analysis covering BIM growth, trends and forecast to 2020. This month B1M have created a number of videos, perfect for those considering BIM implementation: Top 10 BIM Acronyms Explained, also summarised in an article for RIBA Insights; Top 3 BIM Myths Dispelled and What Happens if I Don’t do BIM? Pheonix Eos also provide guidance via LinkedIn with 10 Tips for a Successful BIM Implementation. David Mitchell, a 5D Quantity Surveyor at Mitchell Brandtman, has begun a blog series on ROI from BIM with the first in the series looking at this from the owners and stakeholders perspective. We look forward to seeing if he provides a manufacturer perspective.

Whether or not you have implemented BIM, the BIM4M2 group are asking for manufacturer input to their online survey. The findings will help to shape BIM4M2’s priorities for the coming year and also inform manufactures considering or already on the BIM journey. You can take the online survey here. The results will be published as part of the BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers report, conducted by Competitive Advantage on behalf of BIM4M2, to view the previous survey download last year’s report here.

Looking to the future The B1M, in their video series, ask Imagine what BIM could do? and What is 5D BIM? Donna Huey, Director of Atkins Strategic Ventures business unit in North America, discusses Moving Beyond Automation in BIM and explains the paths toward achieving BIM’s potential. A storify of the reaction on Twitter during the ThinkBIM event Level 2 – are we there yet? From the beginning of September is available. Meanwhile it has been announced that public sector projects within Scotland are to adopt BIM Level 2 by April 2017.

With the construction press focussing on ways to meet the housing demand Excelize go through the Advantages of Using BIM for Residential Designs, with cost, efficiency and energy savings being some of them. Finally The ‘BIM Toolbox’ has been launched by FIS, the trade association representing specialist fit-out contractors. The document provides clear instructions about the processes required under PAS1192:2, as well as how to implement them when working with BIM.

Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015

This research report aims to inform your BIM strategy so that you can provide effective technical support and engage with architects. The report is vital reading for any manufacturer about to develop a BIM offering, or already offering BIM content, and will provide impartial advice on subjects such as format of BIM content and where to host objects.


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