Following BIM Show Live 2014, the launch of BIM4M2 and a special BIM issue on the 2nd of May by Construction News the BIM debate is increasing in intensity.

A recent blog from CONSTRUCT UK presents what architects expect from manufacturers of building products to become BIM ready. SpecifiedBY have developed a BIM Dictionary. Sustme together with CIBSE have published a ranking of the top 500 influencers active on Twitter in BIM.

CIBSE, BRE and the NBS have all been successful in the initial stages of the competition: a digital tool for building information modelling. These entries detail some interesting initiatives which will impact on how the building product manufacturer approaches BIM.

The NBS has issued a review of BIM Show Live 2014. They have also recently published two interesting publications: The NBS National BIM Report 2014 and The NBS Specification Survey 2013. Both provide useful insights into how the specification processes are changing; factors which will be reflected in my training modules and a topic I cover in my blog: Are you getting the most from your specification activity? On a similar note a RIBA Insight article looks at how Specifications are changing.

The NBS National BIM Report 2014 details the following key findings: In the last year 54% have used BIM on at least one project – 15% more than in 2012; 93% of those who know about BIM believe they will be using it by 2016; A majority of active BIM users have reached ‘level 2’ BIM.

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