Following the release of the NBS BIM Toolkit Ian Chapman of the NBS National BIM Library will be hosting a webinar reviewing what the Toolkit means to manufacturers. RIBA Insight provide an overview of the Toolkit in their article What is the NBS BIM Toolkit and what does it mean for manufacturers? And Darren Lester of SpecifiedBy has posted 8 Questions about the BIM Toolkit.

The NBS have released The National BIM Report 2015, looking at how UK design professionals are adapting to the use of BIM. Steve Thompson, Chair of BIM4M2, in his article for Adjacent Government provides The BIM menu of information in which he reviews the challenges of providing the right information at the right time and how the BIM Toolkit and the use of Product Data Templates (PDTs) could help. To find out more join Barbour News and BIM4M2 for their Twitter chat discussing Product Data Templates (PDTs) on Wednesday 20th May at 12pm, using #BIM4M2chat.

Craig Sewell’s latest blog sums up the key points from the thinkBIM – Manufacturer Roundtable. The article also acts as a helpful pointer to those embarking on their BIM journey. Mark Norton, Chair of BIM4FitOut also provides useful information in his Adjacent Government article explaining the latest tools on offer to those embarking on their BIM journey. An article by Manuel Luis for theBIMHub presents the three worlds of BIM: Design, Build and Operation, looking at the benefits BIM brings to each stage.

The NBS have published Are you ready for BIM? What your business needs to do before 2016 (part 5), in which they review the changes that need to made within a business when adopting BIM. And Rob Manning, Government Soft Landings Lead, BIM Task Group, looks at what should be considered when completing Level 2 BIM. Graham Forbes of Clear Box presents Delivering COBie in the real world using their tool BIMXtra. Martyn Horne of the Landscape Institute’s BIM Working Group writes why COBie requirements is not something to fear.

Sofie Pelsmakers, in her article for the NBS asks BIM, Soft Landings and FM: what do they have in common and what do they have to do with us? The article explains how FM teams have a key role to play in challenging the assumptions architects make about the use of buildings.

The CIOB provide an update on the Innovate UK funded project for satellite BIM. This is one of 10 digital construction projects recently grant-funded by Innovate UK. Dr Ioannis Brilakis, in his article for Infrastructure Intelligence, introduces Digital Infrastructure Models (DIM) and why this is important to the next stage of BIM adoption by the construction sector.

In Stephen Hamil’s article for NBS  a number of leading voices from some of the major UK construction institutions and organisations to give their thoughts on what benefits BIM will bring.

Finally, the programme and speakers have been confirmed for the conference BIM today: 2016 and beyond on 16th of June in London.

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