This month at Ecobuild BIM was the hot topic, with everyone wanting to learn more. The main attraction was the BIM Theatre hosted by the NBS, which saw many presentations and a wealth of information given out by BIM experts. The NBS have written up the highlights of what happened at the BIM theatre.

The BIM4M2 panel discussion, hosted in the BIM Theatre, pitched several interesting questions at members of the BIM4M2 group. With answers  providing useful advice to manufacturers starting their BIM journey. I have written a blog summarising the BIM4M2 panel discussion.

Bill Healy, Chair of the BIM Technology Alliance, together with Tim Cole talks about why the BIM Delivery Cube was developed in an article for Adjacent Government and discusses how it will help support industry adoption of BIM. In his recent article Steve Faulkner, member of BIM4SME Core Group, talks about the growing importance for the BIM information manager within businesses and how their role is to simplify the BIM process.

In the article Collaborate to innovate, the key opportunites of BIM, the technical director of MWH Global, discusses the opportunities that BIM will bring to the water sector, and how collaboration is key to innovation.

Economist Michelle Bradley talked at UCL about BIM giving an economist’s perspective on collaborative BIM. This storyify gives the highlights and key questions of the presentation.

The government has launched Digital Built Britain Level 3 BIM Strategic Plan. The strategic plan outlines how the government intends on taking the next steps in defining advanced standards, creating new commercial models and identifying technologies to transform social infrastructure development, and construction.

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