The NBS say in their recent article that BIM “is government led and technology driven; and it is implementing change across all industries, but there is still much confusion about what exactly it is and how it should be utilised and implemented.” This is from a comprehensive article called What is BIM, just one of their 5 articles to help you get started in understanding BIM.

An interview with Steve Thompson, Chair of the recently formed BIM4M2 in the April NBS newsletter, provides a good overview of how manufacturers are participating and taking on board BIM. The BIM4SME group have announced ambitious plans to extend its membership and help the implementation of BIM with e-learning via their website.

The BIM for Manufacturers and Manufacturing (BIM4M2) group, is holding a half-day conference on the issues of BIM libraries and product information for product manufacturers. The event is on the 15 July.

  1. Hi Helen,

    Do you have any advice for a manufacturer that is starting on their BIM journey, and how they would participate in task group forums? Maybe even if they are relevant at this stage of our development?

    Thanks in advance.

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