At the end of last month Barbour ABI hosted a twitter chat answering questions about Product Data templates, with David Rich and Paul French of BIM4M2. A Storify of the chat highlights has been published. The next BIM4M2 chat is scheduled for 14th July at noon, join by using #BIM4M2chat.

In an article for Adjacent Government, Martyn Horne of the Landscape Institute’s BIM Working Group explains why getting your BIM data in order, in the form of COBie is a good thing and why you should overlook the criticism surrounding it. Steve Cooper of CONJECT, asks are asset owners and the construction industry really ready for ‘Big Data’? The blog explains what is meant by the term ‘Big Data’ and how it applies to construction and in particular BIM. Professor Steve Lockley of BIM Academy, writing for NBS, discusses what is now possible in terms of BIM and data verification referencing how the NBS BIM Toolkit can help.

Is the industry ready to meet the Level 2 deadline? David Mycock of CIMCIG explores this in his article for RIBA Insight and whether the industry is on the right path to achieve this. If you still feel left in the dark when it comes to BIM then the future publication Building Information Modelling for Dummies has now been given a release date. BIM for dummies will be available from Amazon on November 6th 2015, at a cost of £21.99, pre-ordering is also now available.

Lauri Koskella, Professor of Construction and Project Management at the University of Huddersfield draws parallels between BIM and Lean Construction. Highlighting how BIM can be related to the four main principles of lean construction.

BIM is often cited as delivering significant cost savings over the life of a building when in-use, Kath Fontana Managing Director of BAM FM and chair of RICS FM PG board talks about the benefits BIM can bring to the Facilities Management sector, in her article for Adjacent Government.  Interest in BIM by the water sector is growing, as many see BIM as a way to meet efficiency targets, says Jon de Souza of BIM4Water.

Andrew Turner, Vice Chair of BIM4SME, talks to RICS on why smaller business need to be involved with BIM  looking at the challenges and importantly the advantages. RICS have announced the shortlist for the BIM4SME Awards 2015. These awards showcase excellence, promote best practice and recognise SME achievements in BIM.

At the other end of the construction scale Jon Kerbey Director of BIM at HS2, explains to Adjacent Government how BIM will be used on HS2, the challenges it faces and his views on what will make it a successful BIM project.

If you want to understand how a Revit manager can be different from a BIM manager then Steve Stafford of Revit OpEd explains this in his recent blog. Su Butcher speaks to B1M about how social media could be a perfect fit in aiding BIM collaboration. Finally Barbour provide insight into BIM for future generations, highlighting the importance of getting apprentices involved with the new technologies for BIM.

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