A recent blog by NBS offers 4 key points from the NBS National BIM Report 2014. A report by Mitbrand provides a Global perspectives on BIM and its uptake. The BIM4sme taskgroup have launched their new website: http://www.bim4sme.org/ and here is a wealth of video resource for BIM. A feature in Building Magazine covers a debate between BIM experts on Where next for BIM? Something the newly launched BIM4M2 survey hopes to reveal. The survey, designed by Competitive Advantage, seeks to gather information from manufacturers on the issues / barriers they are facing in adopting BIM. If you are a manufacturer please take time to complete the survey.

For all things BIM take a look at the BIM Task Group newsletter.

Finally Tom Bilbe recently asked us “Do you have any advice for a manufacturer that is starting on their BIM journey, and how they would participate in task group forums?” A good starting point is our recent blog BIM for manufacturers are they terrified this references some useful reading material, including the CPA BIM for the Terrified. We have also conducted research into the Adoption of BIM. As for participating in task group forums, LinkedIn is a great place to start, here is the BIM4M2 LinkedIn Group. If you want to contribute to the journey going forward then email chair@bim4m2.co.uk

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