BIM promises to deliver better collaborative working. This month’s BIM update provides some news items that summarise progress towards this goal.

At the end of June BIM4M2 invited trade associations to a briefing about BIM, LEXiCON and the BRE Template tool. The aim of the day was for trade associations to learn how manufacturers can communicate their product data. A storify of the day is available giving a summary of the event. On this topic of producing quality BIM data, Peter Foster, Director of Manufacturers and Merchants at coBuilder UK writes about how they have devised four basic criteria, namely: correctness, meaningfulness, interoperability and consistency that ensure structured data’s fitness-for-use.

A new agreement between Autodesk and Trimble, two of the big BIM software providers, will see the two competitors exchanging APIs for their products in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) in a bid to improve interoperability and efficiency in BIM.

To be officially launched in October, a newly formed UK BIM alliance has been set up to achieve the challenges set by government in meeting the requirements of BIM Level 2.  The UK BIM alliance will provide a common and clear point of reference for built environment companies of all disciplines, with a view to enabling and supporting their BIM journeys.

On the international stage a presentation titled what does the BIM Policy mean?, presented earlier in the year at the European BIM Summit, provides a BIM policy creation case study as well as a template for developing a national BIM road map.

On a lighter note The B1M’s Fred Mills compares the way we work in construction to the planning a birthday party, and asks so why do it in construction? In this light-hearted video he highlights six aspects of the construction industry that aren’t working so well and suggests some new approaches.

Finally, although not specifically BIM, a new report by Constructing Excellence called Outcome led Procurement, champions the importance of treating design and construction as a joined up process. It is also useful reading for anyone planning a specification sales approach.


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