Recent articles by the NBS provide a brief history of BIM (and afterwards) and BIM the movement not the acronym.

To support our recent research Adoption of BIM by Architects we have released an eBook: Incorporating BIM into your Specification Sales Strategy.

my recent blog looks at what benefits BIM can bring and how the product manufacturer can utilise these in their marketing.

We have also interviewed prominent BIM experts for their views on how the manufacturer can benefit from BIM.

An interview with Rebecca De Cicco
An interview with John Tebbit
An Interview with David Philp 

A recent blog by Darren Lester raises an important question: BIM – how do we make it pay? Dan Pitkin from AluK Ltd provides a podcast on making BIM pay based on their own experiences.

Building Products staged a round table of BIM experts, the meeting showed that many issues remain to be resolved. A full report of the meeting BIM: from Theory to Practice has been issued.

RIBA Insight have provided a training video covering the key areas that manufacturers should take into account. Another excellent case study, from washroom review demonstrates how BIM can help the small manufacturer.

RICS have developed the first building information modelling (BIM) Manager Certification in response to industry need for a universal standard on which to assess the skills of construction professionals in using BIM.

For further reading material slideshare has some interesting presentations:

BIM survey for manufacturers
BIM for building product manufacturers
8 Benefits with BIM objects

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