New research: BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers

The headline story this month is the release of the BIM4M2 research BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers Report 2014. This research, conducted by Competitive Advantage on behalf of the BIM4M2 working group sets out to inform the process of helping manufacturers implement BIM. In an article for Adjacent Government Chris Witte provides an overview of the research findings. The launch of the research was also accompanied by a Twitter chat with Steve Thompson, Chairman of BIM4M2, hosted by Barbour Product Search. A summary of this Twitter chat is reported by BIMCrunch and on the BIM4M2 blog.

I have also provided a review of the findings specific to manufacturers in the electrical sector and a more general overview in my blog: How do you make your investment in BIM worthwhile?

The BIM4M2 working group is currently developing a tool Is BIM Right for Me? They are inviting manufacturers to road test this tool to gauge its effectiveness.

They are also asking manufacturers to join them at Ecobuild for a panel discussion at 13.00, Wednesday 4th March. Ecobuild have a comprehensive programme of BIM seminars specific for manufacturers.

BIM data solutions

“In developing data solutions for BIM Maturity Level 2, we also need to have in mind the future needs of Level 3 and beyond” says Steve Thompson in assessing BIM and the data challenge, in his article for Adjacent Government.

The NBS provide an update on the BIM Toolkit being developed on behalf of Innovate UK, this is a digital toolkit which will guide industry to complete level 2 BIM. They also provide What your business needs to do before 2016 (Part 1) and What your business needs to do before 2016 (Part 2)

A comprehensive blog by Evolve Techcon Ltd asks is level 2 BIM possible?

Barbour ABI ask in a recent article Why can’t BIM inform a supplier when their products have been specified?

Broader BIM

Richard Blakesley, Chair of BIM4M2 Education Group and Managing Director of Howitt Consulting, says in his article“You only have to mention the term “BIM” to a building product manufacturer and you will be certain to elicit a response.” Read his full article here, in which he provides a review of the tools being developed for manufacturers.

SpecifiedBy provides a look at how BIM Libraries are effecting product selection. Two years on from the launch of the government Contsruction Strategy Ahmed Zghari summarises the cost benefits of BIM. Mitchell Brandtman asks should Contractors take on more risk for greater returns?

An Australasian document that provides a framework for the adoption of project team integration & BIM has been issued.

And a blog by Craig Sewell for BIM Crunch looks to answer a common challenge: So you can’t afford to adopt BIM?

And finally our own blog looks at the information resources for the product manufacturer starting their BIM journey.

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