Ian Chapman, director of the NBS National BIM Library, asks when it comes to BIM, what stage are construction product manufacturers at? And where would you place your business? Ian argues that the early adopters have already answered many questions, so we should learn from their experience and understand the pitfalls and benefits of adoption.

Graphisoft have realised a new tool for manufacturers, The ARCHICAD Library Part Maker.  This tool aims to help manufacturers easily make BIM objects in ARCHICAD format that meet the NBS BIM Object Standard, saving time and money on the costs of authoring elsewhere. It also meets the Level of Information and Level of Detail requirements for the NBS BIM Toolkit.

Metsec have created their first video case study of 66 Queen Square, a new office development located in Bristol which was also Skanska’s first BIM project in the UK. The video is a great example of the practical application of BIM, showcasing the structural design Metsec provided as well as creating a 3D model of the infill walling solution. In their video, the B1M look at the variety of buildings in Rio De Janiero that are being used for the 2016 Olympics and how they were designed and built.

Nick Tune, CEO of coBuilder UK, examines the growing BIM performance gap where the aspiration of BIM often does not meet what is delivered. And looks at what can be done to reduce this gap.

King’s College London have released a report, Enabling BIM through Procurement and Contracts, which examines how the evolution and potential of BIM can be influenced by the choice of procurement models and the agreement of contract terms and processes.

Ralph Montague, in his article for The NBS, helps to explain the BIM process including its acronyms, terminology and the many documents that may be required for those embarking on a BIM project for the first time.

BIM4SME have appointed Terry Gough as the organisation’s new chair, also revealing plans to shake up its leadership team due to changes to the governance model, the launch of digital2all, and the introduction of the technology channel.

A new survey by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC) shows momentum is growing behind the implementation of BIM across global construction, with BIM currently being used by 49% of the respondents, and a further 10% planning to be employ BIM in the next 12 months.

The NBS have re-packaged their National BIM Report 2016 into a document for manufacturers which, as well as promoting their services, includes analysis of this years’ findings, alongside specialist insight and case studies focussed on real-world BIM implementation.


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