At the end of July BIM4M2 ran a 1 day seminar, BIM for Manufacturers: Help with the journey, which provided an impartial perspective and some advice on the implementation of BIM. Su Butcher has written a Storify of the day summarising all the tweets and discussions around the presentations. The presentations from the day are also available to view on Slideshare.  The seminar saw the launch of BIM4M2’s new tool the Compass, which has been created to provide neutral, evidence-based guidance to manufacturers on how BIM is likely to impact on their business. Also launched was the resource page How do I Do It? Designed to help manufacturers understand and get started on the BIM journey, once they have completed the Compass tool.

Techture discuss why BIM for manufacturers is important and the opportunities being involved in the BIM process presents. NBS have published the NBS National BIM Report for Manufacturers 2015, providing a useful summary of findings relevant to manufacturers from their main report published earlier this year.

The NBS have published Are you ready for BIM? What your business needs to do before 2016 (part 6), in which they review the second part of the changes that need to be made within a business when adopting BIM.

The NBS are hosting a webinar on the NBS BIM Toolkit for Manufacturers. The webinar will include a live demonstration of how the BIM Toolkit works for manufacturers. It will be held on Wednesday 16th September 11.00am – 12.00pm.

The B1M have created several useful videos to help explain BIM. Firstly there is the Top 10 BIM Acronyms Explained, next B1M ask What is a BIM model? Finally they ask What is a Common Data Environment?

Alan Muse , Director of Built Environment Professional Groups (RICS), Discusses 3 new RICS research Reports focusing on BIM. These reports highlight the potential of BIM in the built environment, sharing insights and experiences from the real-estate life cycle and looking at the development of BIM across construction.

Finally, BIM4M2 would appreciate input from manufacturers to their online survey BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers, being conducted by Competitive Advantage. This will help to shape priorities for the coming year and inform manufactures considering or already on the BIM journey.

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