There are a number of tools at the disposal of the construction marketer, with some marketing tools relatively unique to construction. In this article we explore how the construction marketer can develop their strategy, using a range of tools, to influence building product selection. In other words, develop an effective specification strategy. Gaining construction market […]

The construction sector’s Decision Making Unit (DMU) is far more complex than many business-to-business markets. It is not the responsibility of one person to specify the building products required, there are many decision makers. To add to this there are many that have the influence to prevent the selection of a product. This Slideshare introduces […]

Construction CPD seminars are a proactive way to introduce your construction company and products. Architects, Engineers and other design professional want informative and accurate CPD material, they do not want to be sold to. So how can the building product manufacture make the most from CPD?  

Welcome to our Toolkit series, this download provides information on: Developing construction product samples Product samples are key in your specification strategy. Offering product samples raises the profile of your product and builds brand loyalty. A request for a product sample is a strong ‘buying signal’ and indicates a need for your product. Download your […]

CPD is an effective means of engaging with architects, but with over 500 companies offering CPD to architects, who have limited time, securing a booking is increasingly competitive. Therefore manufacturers need to have a strong offering; with this in mind, Competitive Advantage Consultancy conducted research, to help understand what architects want from CPD. The newly […]

Recent construction figures show mild growth despite a decline forecast for 2018 Construction output grew by 3.3% in the three months to July 2018, the ONS report, this was driven by growth in both repair and maintenance, and all new work, which increased by 5.3% and 2.3% respectively. The ONS also report output grew by […]

Join by using #SpecStrategy at noon on Tuesday 21st August The chat is an opportunity to ask experienced building product marketers Julie Mould (@CompA_Julie) and Helen Johnstone (@CompA_Helen) of Competitive Advantage (@CompetitiveA), for practical guidance on how to make the most of your construction website. Providing a look at questions such as: What makes a […]

When developing strategy for construction markets we like to think we know our customers and what they want. We like to think that we have the information we need to market effectively to architects, engineers, contractors. That we can skip the construction market research, saving time and money, to get onto the more interesting part, […]

Competitive Advantage has partnered with leading construction forecaster Hewes & Associates to provide you with comprehensive market insight. The Construction Outlook from Hewes & Associates provides three years of forecast data for Housing, Infrastructure, Public non-Housing, Industrial, Commercial, Repair & Maintenance. This article provides an overview of the recently released Hewes & Associates Construction Outlook: […]

We have brought together some of our popular Slideshare content into one presentation, to act as a helpful reference for you, when developing your sales and marketing strategy for construction markets. In the pack we provide, at a glance, how to develop effective specification strategies, how best to communicate with specifiers, together with a brand […]