A/E/C Business development The Decade Ahead

This book was researched and written by the Society for Marketing Professional Services in the USA. Although looking at the situation in the USA, much also applies to the UK market.

Date reviewed: December 2013

Buyers and sellers of services were interviewed from Client organisations, Contractors, Architects and Engineers. They were asked how they saw the industry changing and how they were modifying their approach. The message coming through from all was that the days of the non-technical salesman or Business Developers offering standard solutions are numbered. Organisations want to deal with technical people who understand their issues and can propose solutions. They want deep relationships where their suppliers can help to solve their problems and demonstrate expertise and understanding of their customer’s business.

The book is a little disjointed as a result of sections being written by different groups of people, but it summarises findings at the end of each section making it easy to read.

In this country the approach to business development proposed has been promoted by CIMCIG and organisations like Competitive Advantage for a number of years. But it is well worth a read if you are involved in business development in the construction sector and want to have these views independently confirmed.

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